Thursday, June 2, 2011



本年度让人听得最腻的歌曲,凡是结婚典礼、求婚仪式、欢送会、男女示爱甚至葬礼都要播一次,它让我知道俗不可耐的意思,而且开始觉得Justin Bieber的歌其实不很坏。每听一会,就让俺觉得人生太短,而这首歌太长,想把双耳插聋,那就是 Bruno Mars 的 Just The Way You Are。

2011 most overplayed song , you can hear it in a wedding ceremony, a farewell party, whatever occasion that you can think of , maybe even a funeral.The more i listen to that song the more i appreciate justin bieber-Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are. oh i hate the song just the way it is.

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